Panama Los Naranjos Lerida Estate Natural Geisha (Coffee)

Panama Los Naranjos Lerida Estate Natural Geisha 1/2 lb

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Panama Los Naranjos Lerida Estate Natural Geisha. Floral, herbal, juicy, berries, strawberry, jasmine... complex. There's a LOT going on here.

Yes, it's expensive, and you're reading that right, a half pound of beans. But think about it like an amazing wine, a special bottle of Scotch. It’s that. Your head will explode. Large long beans, precicely dried, sweet, dense and floral. Fragrant and fresh in the bag.

Panama Los Naranjos (Oranges) Lerida Estate Natural Geisha on the north side of the city of Boquete, with 90% sorting above 16 screen size, there’s really not a whole lot more you could ask of a green coffee.

Originating somewhere close to the town of Gesha in western Ethiopia, the berries were picked and transported to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, finally acrossing the ocean to a research center in Costa Rica where attempts to cultivate earnestly began in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Planting there and in Panama, were largely abandoned due to low productivity and poor quality. It’s accepted today that Geisha is fickle, and that its best attributes are highlighted by a combination of elevation, rainfall, soil and nutrient composition, and a myriad of other factors. Either early trials lacked the necessary conditions to produce the sweet, floral attributes now recognizably associated with Geisha, or that those attributes simply weren’t valued the way they are today.

A decade ago however, Price Peterson’s unusual coffee swept the Best of Panama competition and ignited a global appetite for Geisha beans. Peterson’s Hacienda La Esmeralda in particular – deserves credit for putting the spotlight on this cultivar.

These beans from Finca Lerida Coffee Estate were grown near the town of Boquete within the province of Chiriqui, Panama. Finca Lerida Coffee Estate has a rich heritage with specialty coffee exports dating back to 1929. Great care has been taken to cultivate coffee in harmony with the ecological paradise that surrounds Finca Lerida Coffee Estate, which includes Volcan Buru National Park, La Amistad International Park, and over 550 species of birds. At the center of Finca Lerida Coffee Estate there is a vintage hotel with amenities that equal the natural beauty. Biodiversity is highly valued in Boquete. Coffee plantations are serving as buffer zone between the man-made interventions on nature and the still preserved natural areas.

Around 60% of coffee exports from Panama comes out of Boquete. The varieties:. Geisha, Typica, Bourbon, and others are acquiring world recognition in Cup Competitions. Boquete is a natural valley located on the eastern skirts of the Baru Volcano.

Watch the long shaped beans. Think Ethiopia. You may feel at first like you’re not getting there, but avoid hitting them too hard to fast with heat. Think consistent rise in temperature. As with most fine coffees don’t over roast and lose the delicate nature. A lot of roasting depends on you and your equipment of course, however, you may find a longer roast gives you a bit more sweetness and body. Compare that to a quicker roast, where you may find the more (joyful?) hints of juicy fruit and sweet herb notes. Just suggesting to reach caramelizing of sugars, don't' make charcoal, but play with speed for different aspects of this one.

Beans are normally sold by the pound (teas by the ounce.) In this instance because it's so pricey you'll be ordering a half pound at a time.

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Floral, herbal, juicy, berries, strawberry, jasmine... complex. There's a LOT going on here.

Additional Info

Additional Information

Type No
Elevation 4500 feet above sea level
Farm Finca Lerida Coffee Estate
Origin Central America
Farmer -
City -
Region Boquete, Chiriqui Province, Northern Panama
Farm Size -
Coffee growing area the southwestern slope of Volcan Baru
Processing system Full Natural, sun dried
Variety Gesha
Practices October through March Harvest
Climate long cool growing season
Soil Type Volcanic loam, relatively level terrain allows the coffee cherry to ripen evenly


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