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Chicory Organic F/C

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Organic Chicory- India, Roasted and Ground, Kosher. Fine Cut

Just like our other chicory, but Organic.

Yeah, it's pricey.

Chicory (Cichorium intybus) is as valid an ingredient in coffee as cardamon is in traditional Ethiopian coffee (Elettaria cardamomum), or tons of sugar (Saccharum officinarum) in traditional 7-11 coffee. Its regional, its exotic, and its worth experimenting with since you're bold (obsessive) enough a gourmand that you roast your own beans in the first place.

This is chicory roasted, ground, and ready to go. Just use a 3-1 ratio (3 coffee, 1 chicory) and brew. Pretend you are sitting along side the Misissippi with a plateful of beignets. For more information about chicory, see the article now by visiting the Ground Control back issues list. Or visit our blog and do a search.

Store under cool, dry, and dark conditions in a sealed container.

Do take a look at something we're doing for a portion of our workforce too. is something we built to shine a light on the team that does a lot of the packing and shipping for The Coffee Project. Check it out.

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Product Description


Organic Chicory- Roasted and Ground

Additional Info

Additional Information

Type Botanical
Elevation -
Farm -
Origin - The Coffee Project
Farmer -
City -
Region -
Farm Size -
Coffee growing area -
Processing system Roasted and ground, ready to use
Variety Cichorium intybus
Practices Just use a 3-1 ratio (3 coffee, 1 chicory) and brew.
Climate -
Soil Type -


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