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Gift Certificates in $30 increments

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Gift certificates are emailed to you as a JPG which can be forwarded or printed out. The JPG will show the total amount of the gift along with a personalized message from you. To use the gift certificate the recipient just enters the unique code in a coupons box before proceeding to check out.

Gift certificates are redeemable online only. They subtract from the subtotal until used up, but do not affect shipping.

Order two, three, five, etc... for values of $60, $90, $150, etc. Order in any multiple of $30 that suits you. 7, 13, 21, whatever. The JPG image will show the entire value of the gift certificate*, while YOU get a bit of a break up front for larger gifts as noted below..

Each Gift Certificate is modified individually, by hand, so please order with enough lead time for us to to process, modify, and send yours on to you.

(*Yes, if you are ordering ONLY a gift certificate and nothing else, we will add the base shipping calculation right back into it when we process the order. It's $5.85, but we'll round it up to +$6 on the certificate. ie $30 becomes $36, $120 becomes $126 etc)

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Gift Certificates! In $30 increments.

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