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Latest Arrivals!

 As mentioned in our latest newsletter:


Latest Products  - April 2019


*Limited Edition Blend*

Mountain Chocolate Blend

This blend was built with the chocolate lovers in mind. It's a blend of three different regions spanning the globe. It can hold it's own against the milk in a latte, as well as make an amazing cup of coffee. The chocolate isn't so strong as to be overwhelming. This is not, however, the coffee for a person who wants a "fruity" cup. 


Latest Products  - March 2019


Colombia Excelso Narino RFA

This environmentally friendly coffee comes to us from the Matarredonda Hacienda in Narino.  It is sun-dried, shade-grown, bird-friendly and Rainforest certified. 

We are picking up hints of almond and light citrus. This coffee is well balanced and medium-bodied. 


DECAF Colombia Excelso Narino RFA

This is the same coffee as above from the Matarredonda Hacienda in Narino. It has been decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process. 


Mexican Chiapas Altura 

This is the same coffee is back in stock after briefly running out. Our FTO Mexican Chiapas is a great well-balanced coffee. It makes a great single origin, or blend it with one of our Guatemalan coffees. 

We tend to get sweet vanilla, dark chocolate, and brown sugar from this medium-bodied coffee.



Latest Products  - February 2019



Peru FTO Cenfrocafe 85+

We have a small lot of this exceptional coffee from a Peruvian cooperative. Early cupping shows flavor notes of grapefruit, caramel, and dried cherry.

The Cenfrocafe is organic and fair trade and should taste as good to drink as you feel supporting it. 



Burundi Shembati

It's been a long time since we've carried a coffee from this region. This was a customer request and we are excited to partner with the Shembati Washing Station, which works with about 1500 producers. 

This coffee has flavor notes of cocoa, blackberry, honey, and pear. 



PNG Nebilyer Valley A 16+

We've grown very fond of this PNG and are excited for this new crop. This lot just arrived in the last week, so those who like getting the newest coffees can stock up on the most recent. 

We are still getting a lot of interesting flavors as we did with the last lot. Such as saltwater taffy, green tea and lemon. All of that paired with a great creamy mouth feel.


Latest Products  - December 2018


Restocked our Tea Selection!
All Teas are sold by the ounce

Ashwaganda Tea Blend for Men
Medium Bold Caffeine, Bold, Astringent, Savory

Shatavari Gopi Tea for Women
Caffeine Free, Floral, Round, Creamy

Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea
Caffeine Medium, Chestnut, Crisp, Velvety

English Breakfast Tea, Organic Black Tea
Bold, smooth, clean

CP Organic Chai
Caffeine Medium Bold, Round, Spicy, Savory

Chocolate Banana Bomb Tea
Caffeine low/free, aromatic, banana, chocolate


French Chicory
sold by the pound

Our French Market Chicory is roasted, ground and ready to go. Just use a 3-1 (coffee to chicory) ratio and brew. 


 Costa Rica La Magnolia

La Magnolia has a lovely citrus and honeysuckle aroma. In the cup, you'll find clean acidity, medium body and intense yet delicate flavors of citrus, maple, and honeysuckle. 


Monsooned Malabar AA

Re-screened for perfection. Monsooned Malabar is great for espresso blends and is the 2nd heaviest bodied coffee next to Java. It is also a low acid coffee. 

Flavor notes for this crop are baker's chocolate, spice, nutmeg and earthy.


Java Organic Taman Dadar Kayumas RFA

New crop back in stock!! 

Javas are excellent coffees for blending with milder Central Americans or Colombians. 

We're seeing flavor notes of dark chocolate, cedar, vanilla, and juniper.


Brazil Organic Nossa Senhora de Fatima 15+

This coffee has been missing from our menu for almost a year. Unfortunately, it was very challenging/impossible to get last crop year. 

This coffee is creamy and sweet with great flavor notes of bittersweet chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter. A city roast will give some floral notes, along with a hint of spice and subtle stone fruit. This is a great choice for espresso blends!


 Colombia Organic RFA Huila Bombo

This new offering from Colombia comes from a small coop of family-owned farms around El Bombo. 

This is coffee is giving us some wonderful winy flavor notes. It's sweet with hints of fruit, cocoa, and vanilla.


Wild Arabica Kopi Luwak - No Cages - UTZ - Certified Traceable 
Sold in 3-ounce increments

New crop has arrived. This is a holiday favorite and there is still plenty of time to give this green or roast it for a holiday treat!


Latest Coffees  - November 2018


Josuma's Merthi Subbangudigy Estate - Cauvery Special Prep

We are proud to be the only US source for this very special micro-lot from India.

M.S. Estate processed this in a way to produce a cleaner bean with better clarity. We are loving this as a single origin espresso, but it's great blended as well. 

We have pulled some great flavor notes of caramel, chocolate and nuts.


 Latest Coffees  -  October 2018


Jamaican Blue Mtn GR1 Clydesdale Estate

Please note that this coffee is being sold in 1/2 pound increments!! Quantity is limited.

This coffee is sweet up front, with notes of toasted marshmallow, grape, and cinnamon. Truly something special and the 1/2 pound option is a great way to try experience this coffee without a big commitment.


Nicaragua FTO Segovia

This coffee has a beautiful nutty-chocolaty aroma, medium acidity, and a smooth body. Makes a nice single origin shot of espresso.

Typically well-balanced with a little more body than a Costa Rican or Guatemalan. This coffee is Fair Trade & Organic Certified.