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Latest Products  - Sept 2019

Kenya AA

This is a classic, hardworking Kenyan coffee. With lots of citrus fruit like grapefruit. It has bright and tangy acidity, balanced with sweetness, and some of the complexity you'd expect from a Kenyan. Suggested roast: City to Full City. 



Ethiopia Guji 3 Natural Wolichu Wachu

Sweet and winey fruit acidity and a smooth mouthfeel. Lots of great toffee, chocolate, lime and berry flavors. This coffee is wonderfully aromatic as well. We suggest roasting this at a City+.


CP Select Mexico

This has a classic coffee flavor profile. Great for novice and expert roasters alike. This coffee is mild, clean and citric with cocoa flavor and peanut aftertaste. We highly suggest giving it 3 days to rest and using a City to City + roast. 



CP Select Colombia Excelso

This coffee showcases a rich and full body, medium/high acidity and a sharp aroma. It's clean and citric with cocoa and praline flavors. Suggested roasting between City and Full City+.



Costa Rica Leon Cortes Tarrazu

This coffee comes from the Community Coffee Program with CoopeTarrazu. It allows small producers who do not have their own facilities to be graded and separated out. Coffees must score 86 points to qualify. A higher premium is paid to producers which goes back into the communities. 

This coffee is nicely balanced with sweet fruit acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; mellow flavor with toffee, lime, and almond. We suggest a City to City+ roast, but it has a good range based on your preferences. 



Decaf CP Select Colombia E.A.

Please note that this coffee is decaffeinated using Ethyl Acetate, which is a non-chemical decaffeination process. It uses E.A. which is naturally derived from fermented sugar and other natural sources. 

This decaf coffee is sweet and soft with a heavy mouthfeel; cocoa and lemon flavors.