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Latest Arrivals!

 As mentioned in our latest newsletter:



 Latest Coffees  -  May 2018

 We just restocked a bunch and got a few new coffees in. More details to follow.

Guatemala El Cadejo - Restocked
Sumatra Organic Mandheling CP Select - Restocked
Hacienda La Minita Tarrazu (2018 Crop) - Restocked
Guat Huehue Tello Family (2018 Crop) - Restocked
Sumatra Mutu Batak Lintong - NEW
Josuma Monsooned Robusta AA - BACK


Mexico Chiapas Bella Vista Mayan Harvest

Flavor notes: brown sugar, chocolate, dried cherry

This coffee is fully washed and dried in the sun. It is sourced from 38 family-owned farms and grown around 1700 meters. 


Mexico Organic Chiapas Altura Serrano

Flavor notes: honey, caramel, orange, vanilla

This organic Chiapas is a well-balanced coffee. 


New 2018 Kenya AA

Flavor notes: cherry, lemonade, grapefruit, orange

This Kenya AA is sourced from about 1126 family-owned farms. It is wet milled, fully washed and dried on raised beds. 

Ethiopia East Harrar 4 Nafisifi

Flavor notes: deep chocolate, ripe fruit, red wine-like, herbal

This year new rules are in place with the ECX opening the door once again to direct sales by mills to foreign buyers. This coffee comes from Rashid Abdullah and is sourced from family-owned farms in the legendary Harari region best known for the Harrar Horse Coffee brand.


Peru FTO Sol Y Cafe Andres Guevara Ruiz

Flavor notes: toffee, plum, raisin

This is a fair trade, organic, micro-lot. It comes from a 4-acre farm owned by Andres Guevara Ruiz. 


PNG Nebilyer Valley A 16+

Flavor notes: Saltwater taffy, creamy, green tea, lemon

This coffee is fully washed and dried in the sun. It's sourced from family-owned farms. 


Restock - Ethiopian Harrar CP Select

Flavor notes: mellow dried berries, full body, and coco

Full-natural sundried coffee. 

Restock - Felucca Blend

Flavor notes: blueberry, wine, spicy, heavy bodied

A selection of beans that turn into an extremely winey and complex cup. Typically it is a mix of Ethiopian and Yemen dry-processed coffees. 



Josuma's Malabar Gold

Malabar Gold is pre-blended while green for a European-style espresso. This premium espresso blend produces a sweet, full-bodied shot with little bitterness. 

This blend has been called the "Best. Espresso. Ever." by the Food Channel. It has developed a cult following for its sweetness and abundant crema. 


Josuma's Kaapi Royale Premium Washed Robusta

Indian washed Robusta has none of the rubbery aftertaste one normally associates with lower-grade Robusta. 

As a result, Indian washed Robusta play an integral role in most Italian- and European-style espresso blends.





Latest Coffees  -  April 2018


Coffee Blossom Honey Kickstand Box

Not a coffee, but these are AMAZING!!! 100% Raw Honey, unfiltered and unpasteurized. It has notes of jasmine and hints of cinnamon without being overly sweet. This honey is produced from bees that help pollinate our El Panal and Las Huellas coffees!



Colombia FTO Tolima Asemprogrope GP

This Colombian coffee is as fresh as fresh can be. New 2018 crop!! Notes of mandarin orange, lime, and chocolate. It's sourced from family-owned farms at around 1500-1950 meters. It's fully washed and dried in the sun. Certified Fair Trade and Organic. 


Mexican Chiapas Altura

It's BACK!! We've been out of this one for a few months. New 2018 crops are coming in. Only a little in stock right now, but more will be arriving. Flavor notes of brown sugar, chocolate, and vanilla. Great medium body. Certified Fair Trade and Organic.