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Latest Arrivals!

 As mentioned in our latest newsletter:


Latest Products

- April 2020

Not an April Fool's Joke!

2019-2020 Costa Rica La Minta

This is a favorite here with brilliant acidity, a medium body, and sweet flavors of orange citrus, caramelized sugar, and fine chocolate.

It is impeccably balanced with a long satisfying finish.


2018-2019 Costa Rica La Magnolia

The wonderful people at La Minita were able to free up and include some La Magnolia with our shipment!!

Another fan favorite! Very small quantity. New crops won't land until June. This is a fine example of Costa Rican Tres Rios coffee. The first thing you'll notice about La Magnolia is it's citrus and honeysuckle aroma.


2018-2019 CP Select Guatemala Antigua

As a CP Select we source from different farms to meet a specific flavor profile. However, one of our favorites also comes from La Minita. Again they were able to free up and include some with our shipment. We have a limited supply until the 2020 crops begin arriving in June.

This coffee has lively acidity, a heavy body, and flavors of fine chocolate, caramel, and smokey rum!


2018-2019 Colombia Reserva del Patron

Another coffee we source from La Minita. They again were able to free up some and include it with our shipment. Stock is limited and new crops won't arrive until August.

This is a very versatile coffee that is great at a wide range of roasting levels. Rich chocolate and raisin are the stand out flavors you'll find in the cup.


 - March 2020


 Nicaragua FTO Segovia

Re-stocked & on Sale.
Flavor notes: Lime, Almond, Brown Sugar


Felucca Blend

Flavor notes: extremely winey and complex. Chocolate and fruity. 



Java Organic Taman Dadar Kayumas RFA 

New crop, flavor notes of peat, black tea and chocolate mousse. This is a great coffee for blending with coffees from Central America, Colombia, and Ethiopia. 



Bali Blue Krishna Organic RFA

Bali Blue Krishan makes a great cup of coffee. Big bodied with peat and baker's chocolate. Drink it as a single origin or try it in your blend. 


 - February 2020


DR Congo FTO Kalungu-Mpumbi

Immediately after roasting we find this to be a very complex cup with a lot of unique flavors present. The longer it rests the more dark chcolate and raspberry notes emerge. We highly recommend giving this coffee a try, we think you'll love it.

It's also Fair Trade and Organic certified! 


Papua New Guinea Wahgi Valley Kunjin

Flavor notes: Sweet, clean and tangy with cocoa, chocolate and buttermilk flavors. 

PNG is always a favorite of ours and this one is no exception.  


Guatemala FTO Huehuetanango 

Another Fair Trade and Organic Certified Coffee!

This coffee comes from the coop ASPROCDEGUA which has 394 members with organic certifications. We find this coffee to be sweet and savory with grapefruit, toffee, and almond flavoros. 


CP Select Tanzania Peaberry

New Crop Peaberry has arrived! We are are loving this coffee for it's citric acidity, rich chocolate and grapefruit flavors. 


CP Select Peru


We always enjoy our coffee's from Peru. Flavor notes are soft and sweet, with toffee, lemon, red grape and caramel.


- January 2020


Colombia Medellin Excelso EP

Flavor notes: clean, orange, walnut, cola, milk chocolate, light raspberry. 


Felucca Blend

Re-stocked with new crop coffees. 
Flavor notes: extremely winey and complex. Chocolate and fruity. 


Flores Organic Ngura

 Flavor notes: dates, peat, walnut, cocoa powder

New 2019/2020 crop has arrived.   


Costa Rica La Montana de Tarrazu Micromill

Flavor notes: caramel, chocolate, toffee and lemon flavors. Sweet and citric acidity with a smooth mouthfeel. 


Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Adado Grade 3

Flavor notes: Balanced, sweet and mellow with a smooth mouthfeel. Fruity, chocolate and cocoa flavors. 


Decaf SWP Guatemala El Tambor

Flavor Notes: bright acidity, full body, chocolate and fruit.