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Latest Arrivals!

 As mentioned in our latest newsletter:


Brand New!!!  


Guatemala El Cadejo - Sol (Micro-lot!)

Notes of cherry, cola, sugar cane and lime in this coffee. This is a micro-lot that Corey says is, "Hands down the best single origin I've ever had."


Costa Rica Finca La Pastora Red Honey

Bright citric acidity, melon, mango, berry. Heavy syrupy body with a sweet raw sugar finish. As the cup cools the fruit becomes more pronounced.


Papua New Ginea Purosa FTO A/X

Cane sugar sweetness, medium acidity and creamy body with sweet caramel overtones and a slight cocoa note on the finish. This one takes a dark roast very well. 


Panama Jaguar Boquete SHB

There are bits of orange and sweet brown sugar in this coffee which boasts a syrupy body and medium acidity. 

Ethiopia Guji 3 Natural

A full natural processed bean that is dried on raised beds. The flavor profile includes dried strawberry, cherry, and dark chocolate. Take it just into second crack. 

Uganda Sipi Falls Organic RFA Fully Washed

Baker's Chocolate, peach, almond, and floral flavor notes. This bean is sourced from the same region that we got our very popular honey processed from earlier this year. 

 1st lot of the new crop!!

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Haru Cooperative Double Washed

Fresh Crop with a slightly different flavor profile. Look for notes of Jasmine, honeydew, tangerine, and kiwi. This coffee is dense, dry and small in size. 

Restocked and ready for bulk holiday roasting!


Sumatra Mandheling CP Select

Sweet caramel and earthy notes, pronounced body, medium acidity, slight spiciness. 


Costa Rica Hacienda La Minita Tarrazu RFA

This coffee has brilliant acidity, a medium body, and sweet flavors of orange citrus, caramelized sugar, and fine chocolate. It's impeccably balanced with a long satisfying finish.


 Bali Blue Krishna

Are you a fan of Bali Blue Moon? Check out this amazing bean with hits of Molasses, dark chocolate, dried fig, and cherry. Big bodied and bold, but also plays well in a blend or with some cream and sugar. 


CP Select Brazil

Our classic Brazil offering has been restocked. This is a well balanced, snappy and aromatic blend. 


 Decaf Girlfren Blend - Organic WP

This sweet water decaf blend has flavor notes of Malt, tobacco, and nutella. Decafs roast a little faster than non-decafs, so be careful not to over roast.  


 India Monsooned Malabar AA

This coffee gets its unique characteristics (heavy body, earthiness, and low acidity) by mimicking the sea journey used centuries ago. Before the creation of the Suez Canal, coffee was shipped from India to Europe around Africa's Cape of Good Hope.