Panama Gesha la Berlina

Panama La Berlina Gesha 1/2 lb

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Floral, syrupy, apricot, lingering finish. Citrusy lime-like overtones.

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Raw Panama La Berlina Gesha for home roasters Floral, syrupy, apricot, lingering finish. Citrusy lime-like overtones. Yeah, it's expensive, and you're reading that right, it's a pound of beans. Around 60% of coffee exports from Panama comes out of Boquete. Its varieties:. Geisha, Typica, Bourbon, and others are acquiring world recognition in Cup Competitions. Boquete is a natural valley located on the eastern skirts of the Baru Volcano in Panama. Panama La Berlina says that, "among the important contributions, Boquete has become an important point for scientific studies. Since Boquete embraces part of still preserved natural Baru Volcano area, scientific studies comes out its different natural areas"

and that, "Biodiversity is highly valued in Boquete. Coffee plantations are serving as buffer zone between the man-made interventions on nature and the still preserved natural areas. Note well: Coffee grows on a yearly cycle. While coffee can be stored well for quite a while, this one officially became past crop at the turn of the year. And, there's only a tiny amount left. new harvests happening now, probably to arrive early/mid summer.

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Additional Information

Elevation 4500 feet above sea level
Farm La Berlina
Origin - The Coffee Project
Farmer Ruiz Family
Region Boquete, Chiriqui Province, Northern Panama
Coffee growing area the southwestern slope of Volcan Baru
Processing system Wet processed, sun dried
Variety Gesha
Practices sun dried
Climate long cool growing season
Soil Type Volcanic, relatively level terrain allows the coffee cherry to ripen evenly


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