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Papua New Guinea (PNG) Kimel Estate Washed AA Microlot

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Papua New Guinea Wahgi Valley Kimel Fully Washed

This is an especially good microlot.

Sweet caramel/molassas, Savory/herbal, orange/pineapple fruit, touch of blackberry. Very complex. Vibrant.

New Guinea is an island second in size only to Greenland and is found directly north of Australia. Half the island is Papua New Guinea (to the East ) and the other half is Western New Guinea is located... you guessed it - to the west. Its a political division that runs directly North South. The east became a sovereign country in 1975 (it was a territory of Australia) while the west formerly colonized by the Dutch is today a province of Indonesia. The Dutch seemed to have colonized just about everything everywhere at some point, didn't they?

While the coffee growing landscape is predominantly smallholders, Kimel Estate was established by an Australian named Bobby Gibbs in 1974. However, in 1979 the farm was purchased by Kishan Pau and Pup Kaki, PNG natives representing a collaboration of local tribal groups.

Kimel Estate is now 100% owned by the indigenous population. The estate boasts a permanent workforce of over 400 individuals, and housing, freshwater, schools and medical services are provided on the farm. Processing cherries onsite, the farm has employed recycling practices for the coffee pulp and water from the nearby Kimel river, and is growing its coffee under the shade of Grevalia and Albizia trees.

While some coffee farming existed prior, probably by the late 1800s, it was the Australians under a government program that really got it going in the 1960's. The 70's brought transition and by the 80's farming is distributed between estates and small holders. Organic certifications began in the 90's. And while only some of the coffee from PNG is certified organic, most of it really is organic just due to practicality.

The country of Papua New Guinea comprises the eastern half of the New Guinea island (the western half is part of the country of Indonesia) that rests like a disjoined puzzle piece off the northern coast of Australia. Commercial coffee production began in earnest in the region in the late 1920s, and is now the country’s second most important agricultural export after palm oil.

PNG is rough terrain. Although some coffee and supplies are collected in small planes that land and take off on small strips. It can't all travel that way. Its one thing carrying your cash crop down hill to market. But you've got to really want something a lot to carry it all the way up, about a whole day's trip. Nasty chemicals are just not on that list. So, traditional farming and the natural environment tends to win out. Very often one of the few really fresh fully washed coffees available in the second half of the year other than Peru.

Shade canopies are an essential element to in PNG. The same shade tree are often used as a secondary crop, for instance bananas or papaya. Closer to the ground vegetables are grown to act as ground cover, aiding in weed control and acting as a natural fertilizer.

Harvesting occurs between March/April to August /September followed by processing, drying, and export from about August to November. Some of the coffee stock in PNG came from Jamaica's Blue Mountain region. Other varieties are bourbon and Arusha from Kenya/Tanzania. Arusha s a city in Northern Tanzania. Small world.

Kimel Estate is in the Waghi Valley in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. This area has a cool climate with fertile land, lots of rainfall. The estate is owned by the Opais, the original inhabitants of the region well before Mount Hagen became the capital, and well before there even was a Western Highlands Province.

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Sweet caramel/molassas, Savory/herbal, orange/pineapple fruit, touch of blackberry. Very complex. Vibrant.

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Additional Information

Elevation 1700 meters, ~5000 feet
Farm Kimel Estate
Origin - The Coffee Project
Farmer the Opais
City Banz. Kigibah in the Waghi Valley near Mt Hagen
Region Banz, Wahgi Valley, Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea
Farm Size ~ 370 acre main crop, plus 500 acres of outlying farms
Processing system hand picked, pulped, washed & sun dried on patios
Variety Arusha, Blue Mountain, Catimor, Caturra, Mundo Novo, Typica
Practices Harvest – Mar/Apr 2016
Climate 60-80 F., 79 inches/yr rainfall, wet season Dec-Apr
Soil Type Dark Volcanic Sandy Loam


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